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What do we do in the Xenopoulos lab?

My research is interdisciplinary and I expect students in my lab to master a range of numerical techniques and analytical chemistry skills (or be willing to learn them). Generally, students in my lab are encouraged to develop independent scientific research and be highly motivated. If you select a field of study that you are not really interested in, the temptation to drop out when things become difficult will be high. I welcome any inquiries from students with backgrounds in ecology, environmental sciences, environmental chemistry or geography. Students are encouraged to employ field, laboratory and theoretical approaches to their work.

As a student in the Xenopoulos lab you can expect to interact with other faculty and students in the lab, publish your work in peer-reviewed journals, write proposals and deliver presentations at local and national or international meetings.


None available at this time.

Graduate Student Opportunities:

Graduate positions in nutrient and carbon biogeochemistry

Thank you for your interest and for considering research possibilities in the Xenopoulos lab.I expect my graduate students to be motivated, hard-working and passionate about aquatic ecology and research. If this you and you are interested please send me an e-mail with the following information: (1) CV, (2) copies of transcripts, and (3) statement of research interests. To be accepted into our grad program (Environmental and Life Sciences) you must have maintained an academic average higher than 78%. Feel free to contact my current and past students to ensure that I am the right supervisor for you.

Undergraduate Student Opportunities:

We are always looking for energetic undergraduate students to assist us with field research and data analysis this summer. I typically recruit 1-3 honours students per year and hire several students as assistants in the summer. I generally assign a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow to act as your mentor. Send me an e-mail with your CV and research interests if you are interested in gaining experience in aquatic ecology. Also, if your academic average is >85 you have a good chance of receiving an NSERC USRA fellowship. Please see me for this application in November-December.

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions:

Postdoctoral position in carbon biogeochemistry